Audit Quality: A Bibliometric Analysis (1981-2020)


  • Aysegul Ciger



audit quality, auditing, bibliometric analysis, auditor, PCAOB


The increase in the number of studies on audit quality and the interest of both researchers and authorities in the subject in recent years has been the motivation of the study. Bibliometry was chosen as a method in the study because it provides the opportunity to look at the literature of the area studied from a broad perspective. The study aims to make a bibliometric analysis of studies published in English in the field of social sciences in the Scopus database on audit quality (AQ). This analysis covers 1419 articles from 1981 to March 2020. It has been determined that academic research on AQ has increased dramatically since the 2000s. ‘Audit quality’, ‘audit fees’, ‘earning management’ issues are up-to-date in the studies carried out; Researches on ‘Public Company Accounting Oversight Board' (PCAOB), ‘financial reporting’ and ‘audit committee’ turned out to be on the rise. The country that gets the most citation on the subject is USA. It was also concluded that numerous non-authors frequently collaborated amongst them to contribute to the development of the field. In addition, although there are publications using a qualitative research method with the increasing number of publications with AQ, it is the first bibliometric and social network analysis in the study area. While this study helps to create the conceptual framework that still causes controversy in the field of AQ; It can be a guiding resource in determining future studies and regulations.

JEL Codes - C00; M42


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