• Gabriela-Mihaela MUREŞAN
  • Gabriel ARMEAN



behavior, life insurance, logit, pension, trust


Our analysis aims to identify the typology of consumers’ behavior on insurance market. The initial sample consisted of 1579 individuals who were randomly selected by Metro Media Transilvania (MMT) with the Computer-Assisted Telephonic Interview (CATI) method. Using the Multiple Correspondence Analysis (MCA) and logistic regression, we are showing that higher levels of trust, pleasant experiences, income and education have a positive impact on insurance development. This theoretical approach is relatively new as there are no specialized studies to investigate the intangible asset in insurance companies in Romania’s case. This article should help the insurers to understand the role of trust and the importance of pleasant experiences in selling financial services such as life insurance and voluntary private pension.

JEL Codes - C25, G02, G22, J32


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MUREŞAN, G.-M., & ARMEAN, G. (2017). TRUST - THE INTANGIBLE ASSET OF POLICYHOLDER BEHAVIOR ON INSURANCE MARKET. Scientific Annals of Economics and Business, 63(SI), 125–136.