The State of Strategic Marketing Application in Czech Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises

Kateřina Matušínská, Michal Stoklasa


The article deals with the issue of using strategic marketing in the business of small and medium-sized enterprises. The main objective of this paper is to theoretically define the principles of strategic marketing and then practically analyse the level of strategic marketing use as a tool of business management in selected Czech small and medium-sized enterprises. In order to fulfil the research plan, secondary and primary research was carried out. The theoretical part defines the basic problem areas such as various approaches to strategic marketing defining and strategic management process versus strategic marketing process. In the practical part, 335 companies are analysed, the results are commented and hypotheses evaluated. The most important findings are generally low rate of utilization of strategic marketing management tools and the utilization of these tools is dependent on company size, with micro companies being the worst and medium companies the best.


marketing research; small and medium-sized enterprises; strategic marketing; strategy.

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