Strategies of Business Systems Development in Global Environment

Iryna Otenko, Nataliia Parkhomenko


Given the complexity and unpredictability of changes in the global environment, the choice and implementation of strategies for the development of business systems in international markets requires careful analysis and refinement. The paper clarified the concept of business system and developed a methodical approach to the analysis of business systems functioning conditions. The multiplicity of approaches to classification strategies requires the submission of a typology of strategies for the development of business systems. The theoretical justification for the study of the processes of organizational development of business systems is based on the provisions of the institutional approach, organizational development and strategic management. The result of the research is the procedure for choosing a company strategy in a global environment and organizational development strategy. To confirm the selected provisions, the results of the analysis of strategies for the organizational development of enterprises of the bearing industry are presented.


business system; strategy; global environment.

JEL Codes

F60; M16; M21.

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